The Shark Pitch Challenge

at the Gwinnett Business Expo

was a great success!!

I was so excited to see

so many tasty participants

pitch their businesses.

I watched all of the clownfish, dolphin, whale and shark pitches and determined the winner of the $50 gift card to JP Sushi!

I'm so excited....I'm so excited!


You can tell this wasn't his first time swimming with the fishes.

The winner did a great job articulating his business, engaging the audience and providing a call to action!

And the winner is.......

Drum roll please.....

WILL CARAWAY!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe you can be the winner at our next event, stay tuned for more details!

Check out his pitch and all the other pitches in the challengers section of this website.

The “SHARK” Pitch

Sharks are always Ready To Pitch. Did someone smell blood in the water? A great shark smells opportunity from miles away. The first shark there enjoys the bountiful feast that awaits. Evoke Confidence ~ Be Focused ~ Attack

The “WHALE” Pitch

The Whale is an Elusive Target. We spend our careers chasing the perfect customer. To pitch a whale client you must be willing to work as a team and be ready to take on the challenge of your life. Dream Big ~ Be Professional ~ Take a Chance

The “DOLPHIN” Pitch

Dolphins are the Masters of Advertising. What’s with all that chatter? Dolphins traverse the ocean while showing their skills and abilities. They are kind of show offs, but everyone likes them. Tell The Story ~ Be Distinct ~ Vocalize


Clownfish are all about Personal Branding. In fact, if you search fish in google, a clownfish will be the first fish you see. They make themselves inviting, bright & colorful for all to appreciate. Sell Yourself ~ Be Funny ~ Make A Friend

Where is the next Shark Pitch Challenge?

Stop by our booth at the Gwinnett Chamber Business Expo at the Gwinnett Center on Thursday August 20th, 2015!

45 Seconds

If you had just 45 seconds to tell the world what was exceptional about your business; what would you say?